Centro de la Fotografía y la Imagen Histórica de Guadalajara

What a fair that year!

This is the list of fix stands (stalls and huts) erected in Jardinillo and Santo Domingo during the 1899 fair. Next to the stalls of bikes, toys and trinkets, old iron, arrow shot, African woman, candy-making, circular pool, and dog theater, there were two cinematographs (in the first and third place of the list) property of Raimundo Mas and Vicente Ortiz. Mas’ cinematograph worked in twenty one façade meters stall and the Ortiz one in a more modest eight meters stall, but both paid ten pesetas daily for the renting. Incidentally, the dog theatre owner must have been Luis Baccare, who in 1903 wrote from Sigüenza to the Alcalá de Henares mayor to apply for a six meters by twenty four meters site where to place his cinematograph.